Clothing Inventory Software
  • "ITS Dynamics adapts to the needs of the mid-size companies better that the big consulting firms, you always have access to the top management and are always willing to help and find solutions. They have the required expertise, knowledge of the industry, and success with companies in our line of business."
  • "I definitely recommend it (ITS Dynamics). It is a reliable and committed company with a great consulting team."
  • "Great customer service – always providing additional information.....such as new releases and value-added solutions"
  • "Henry-Lee produces multiple lines of women's sportswear under the labels of Henry-Lee and 600 West. These lines generally include six to seven sizes, various colors and many other unique design features. This results in more than 800 styles and SKUs annually that we need to be able to track individually, an impossibility with our previous system. We wanted to improve our supply chain operations as well as increase accuracy of information in all phases of production - and we're thrilled that we were able to find a solution that truly does adapt to our specific needs. Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Pebblestone Fashion fits like a glove."
    Robert Mann-President and CEO of Henry-Lee

ITS Dynamics makes life easier for you—Clothing Inventory Software.

The accounting and operations staff say they require accuracy and accountability to drive down costs; manufacturing and retail heads are telling you they need clarity and tight inventory control to maximize sales; the CEO wants to see it all — in a glance. You need a clothing software solution that can provide real-time purchasing, sales, distribution, product and manufacturing data at your fingertips. And with a scalable ERP management solution from ITS Dynamics, your company’s leaders can have a clear picture of each department’s operations. The results?

Increased understanding → Increased efficiency →  Increased ROI.

ITS Dynamics consultants have worked with companies like Armani Jeans, Hanes, Marsel and many others to create and implement a software solution specifically for them — no “one size fits all” solutions here.  Our team of software experts and professional advisors will work with you to determine what works well now and what needs improvement, show you how everything can work together, and create a solution tailored to your needs.

We even guarantee our results.  In fact, we can show you the actual impact that implementing an ITS Dynamics/ Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV solution can have on your business. 

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ITS Dynamics: We Are Businesspeople Inside.

Clothing Inventory Software

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